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Meat & Poultry

Micreos partners with meat and poultry producers of all sizes, who use PhageGuard as a surface intervention to enhance consumer safety.

We offer innovative application solutions that have no effect on the natural taste, texture, appearance or aroma of meat and poultry products.

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Deli meats are associated with Listeria contamination. Listeria continues to grow at refrigeration temperatures during the shelf life of products that support the outgrowth of Listeria.

Listeria causes Listeriosis, the leading cause of death due to foodborne illness.
1 in 5 people die as a result. People at risk are the young, the old, the unborn foetus and people with immunocompromised conditions.

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Ready-to-eat meat or poultry products are highly susceptible to Listeria. Because of its high mortality rate, Listeria is considered one of the most dangerous food safety threats. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 percent of Listeriosis cases occur during pregnancy, and newborn babies suffer the most serious effects of infection.

PhageGuard is the difference-maker for the meat and poultry industry, helping increase consumer safety while keeping costs low.


“When the USDA approved Listex as a processing aid, we jumped on it. We felt it was an innovative treatment, and we liked the fact that it is applied topically. It allowed us to improve our food safety standards without compromising key attributes of our product, such as flavor and texture.” – Mike Satzow, Owner, North Country Smokehouse, Claremont, N.H.